Wrapping up 2023

Our CEO, Predrag Mandlbaum, looks back on the past year and gives insight into what we accomplished and what we expect for 2024.

Wrapping up 2023

As we conclude 2023, it’s a moment for us to look back on a year filled with growth, hurdles, and new opportunities! We recognize that you—our esteemed customers, valued vendors, our employees, and cherished friends—have been an integral part of our journey. We take a moment to express our gratitude for your continuous support and the confidence you have bestowed upon our company as a trusted business partner.

2023 has been a pivotal year for the OTT industry. On one hand, we’ve witnessed companies grappling, downsizing, or sadly, ceasing operations. These situations have often had severe repercussions for their customers, necessitating investments in migrations instead of fostering innovation and business development.

On the other side, More Screens has encountered substantial growth, boasting + 50% increase in ARR and a 9.5% expansion in our workforce. Our successful acquisition of major OTT projects in Lithuania, Germany, Croatia, Kosovo, and Mongolia aligns seamlessly with our overarching international growth strategy.

What’s the secret behind our success?

  • Experience. The seasoned leadership at More Screens brings over 20 years of individual industry experience to the table. Additionally, our core R&D team has been integral to our journey since our inception in 2011.
  • Loyal customers and partners. At More Screens, we continuously invest in nurturing strong relationships with our customers and partners, prioritizing exceptional service and support. We treat every customer, regardless of size, as a VIP, striving to understand their needs and often going above and beyond to solve challenges and build trust and loyalty. Our success also stems from a flexible business model that ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising profitability. We firmly believe in mutual benefit—our philosophy revolves around the principle that successful business relationships thrive when both parties derive value.
  • Our employees. Experienced and satisfied employees are a cornerstone of any successful enterprise. Through continuous investment in their education and offering substantial incentives and benefits, we maintain a remarkably low employee turnover rate. This stability enables us to uphold strong customer relationships and consistently deliver exceptional quality service
  • Sophisticated product and technology. We firmly believe in possessing one of the most mature and competitive OTT platforms available today, a culmination of over 13 years of dedicated development, continual enhancements, and adaptability to evolving market demands, industry trends, and cutting-edge technologies. Our collaboration with valued customers drives our ongoing investment in product optimization, streamlining architecture complexities (often termed ‘green technology’), and innovating development and management processes. At More Screens, phrases like ‘We do not support’ or ‘We can’t do it’ simply don’t exist. To clarify, we never make false promises. Our commitment remains resolute in offering the best and most competitive product in the market.
  • Market diversification. We’ve expanded our services to include a new OTT platform designed for the Sports and B2B Hospitality markets. More details will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Well, what do we expect in 2024?

In 2024, our primary wish is peace worldwide. As for our objectives, we foresee robust growth through the expansion of new projects into new territories, alongside the continued development of our existing customer base, partners, and our team.

We’re gearing up to attend several industry shows this year, including CES, NAB, Anga Com, Cabsat, Broadcast Asia, and the highly anticipated IBC. We’re looking forward to potentially meeting face-to-face to explore future ventures together.

Thank you for your time,

Predrag Mandlbaum
CEO, More Screens

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