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Our goal is to become the leading company regarding personal and professional team development. We are sure to be able to bring the best out of you by providing you with an environment that breeds talent and encourages high-quality performance.

We make you build yourself a rock-solid foundation for creating quality solutions by gaining critical experience through work on different exciting and challenging projects. We maintain a workplace
culture of mutual respect between science, engineering, technology, and management.

More Screens team has a strong devotion for innovating solutions and a track record of proven results. People at More Screens are both thinkers and doers.

Even with their different backgrounds and different key capabilities, they share the same commitment and professionalism towards resolving the simple and complex commitments at work.

Teamwork is the crucial factor for More Screens’ business success.

Anida Ćorić
Tarik Dedić
Adi Omanović
Amel Šečić
Monika Čale Kovač
Haris Manjgo
Ivan Miličević
Alen Mužinić
David Ćavar
Malik Bišić
Nedim Zečić
Tomica Crnek
Zlatko Čalušić
Admir Sultić
Anisa Kazazić
Admir Rebac
Hasan Alibegić
Abdullah Kurgaš
Goran Kolečić
Filip Ćuk
Mersudin Macić
Neira Omanović
Haris Zukanović
Haris Memišević
Andrea Lukić
Džanan Rebac
Saso Hauser
Predrag Mandlbaum
Belmin Pobrić

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