Carrier-grade Multi-Screen TV available to All

At More Screens, we believe that carrier-grade Multi-Screen TV technology can and should be more affordable and available to all, even to small local operators running their businesses with limited financial resources.

Carrier-grade Multi-Screen TV available to All

A perfect example of a small-scale installation was completed for a customer “Neon Solucije”. A small regional ISP in the eastern area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More Screens recognized their need for a high-quality multi-screen solution; therefore we proposed installation, together with mobile apps and our STB device that fitted within their budget requirements.

Customers’ inputs were straightforward, consisting of:

  • Initial quantity of 1000 Android STB devices for their end-users
  • AndroidTV client application
  • Mobile and tablet applications for Android & iOS
  • Customer provides source channels from their headend
  • A total of 150 channels with 100 of them offering a 7-day Catch-Up service

We used a modular “Spectar+” solution to reduce customers’ HW expenditures by combining numerous different services into a single HW server, allowing us to reduce our HW requirements. In this case, we installed only three HW servers in total: Back-office, Catch-Up TV/Origin, and CDN Edge.

Finally, to round off the solution, we provided the customer with an 8×5 SLA, which met the customer’s expectations throughout our collaboration.

Installation and scaling of the service were both quick and easy and done in a way that allows us to make the infrastructure expandable and redundant in the future as it grows.

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