Combating digital piracy

Digital piracy is a rampant practice that undermines the rights of content creators, harms the streaming industry, and negatively impacts consumers. Read about how we optimize risk management to protect the content our platforms deliver.

Combating digital piracy

One of the main drivers behind the rise of OTT and IPTV piracy is the accessibility and affordability of illicit OTT and IPTV subscriptions. These services often offer a wide range of channels and on-demand content at significantly lower prices than legitimate OTT and IPTV providers. As a result, unsuspecting consumers are enticed by the allure of cheap entertainment, unknowingly supporting piracy. The consequences of OTT and IPTV piracy are far-reaching. Legitimate OTT and IPTV providers face an unfair competitive disadvantage as piracy undermines their subscriber base and revenue streams. This threatens the sustainability of the streaming industry as a whole and exposes consumers to risks. Illicit OTT and IPTV services often lack adequate security measures, exposing users’ personal information to potential data breaches. Additionally, these services are not subject to content quality standards, resulting in poor quality, unreliable streams, and a lack of customer support. 


More Screens, serving over 2.5 million users in 11 countries, has implemented a range of measures to prevent, detect, and combat these activities. 

Firstly, to ensure the utmost protection of content creators’ intellectual property rights, we have implemented robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, such as Playready, Widewine, Verimatrix, and Fairplay. They incorporate industry-standard encryption methods to secure digital content, preventing the pirates to gain unauthorized access, copying, or distributing the material.

Lately, we have been focusing our efforts towards developing an in-house fingerprinting system. This technology generates unique digital fingerprints for each piece of content available on our platform. These fingerprints act as digital signatures, allowing us to track and trace and thus identify users carrying out any unauthorized distribution or usage of the content. Even if the content is altered or modified, our system can still identify it through the distinct fingerprint associated with that specific piece of media.

We have also developed a tool performing a real-time log data analysis, seamlessly integrated with our existing data analysis system. This, allows us to monitor user activity and detect suspicious behavior, enabling us to swiftly investigate and take necessary actions against potential piracy activities, ensuring a secure environment for content creators, owners, and distributors alike. 


By continuously monitoring various online channels and platforms, we can swiftly detect instances of piracy, take appropriate actions to mitigate unauthorized sharing and protect the rights of content creators. Our proactive approach to implementing DRM solutions and the development of fingerprinting technology underpins our commitment to creating a secure and trustworthy entertainment platform. We believe that these proactive measures not only benefit our business but also contribute to the long-term sustainability of the entire entertainment industry.

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