Maximize democratic transparency and improve public communication

ICT technologies have been a key factor in upgrading and renewing government procedures. The web enables people to access integrated data sources, procedures and collaboration, thus ensuring the quality and transparency of the relationships between citizens and institutions. Governments need to provide their people with user-friendly, easy to access information concerning administrative and political activities in which they wish to participate. The GovernmentTV platform integrates all different kinds of data in a comprehensive searchable multimedia archive for both live and on-demand broadcasting.

Our clients

Our clients are governing bodies and other public administrations who are offered a turnkey solution for their communication needs. GovernmentTV enables them to video-record, index and broadcast all assembly sessions, events and activities onto the PC, Mobile and Connected TV devices. Public bodies can promote participation in public activities, improve relationships with citizens and build advanced governance models between institutions and private actors by enlarging the number of people involved in decisional processes. GovernmentTV makes a complete all‐around solution to enable institutions easily manage their daily communication.

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