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Service and Content providers increasingly demand usability, compatibility, performance, and scalability when deploying Video over IP services on multiple platforms and devices. Spectar+ meets these demands through its integrated revolutionary management tools and features.

We have successfully created a powerful and highly effective Multi-Screen Video Service Delivery framework which includes a versatile set of Platform components, Features and Client apps:

Service Manager

The Service Manager is a core component of the Spectar+ used for setting up and managing the platform services. Use it to deploy virtual instances, orchestrate and scale services in minutes.

Media Assets Management (MAM)

The MAM component allows for easy ingest, editing, cataloging and storing Live broadcast, Video & Audio Assets. Spectar’s MAM component offers a number of options for Asset ingestion and metadata manipulation using On-line forms, Wizards and REST API’s. MAM component is able to transcode ingested assets into optimal quality and delivery format and each viewing device.

Publishing & Distribution

Publishing and Distribution component consists of many functional modules which allows for easy management of Channels, Playlists, Content packaging, Distribution rights (DRM and Geo-IP) and publishing to multiple target platforms and devices.


Monetization component allows for Ad-supported, Pay per view and Subscription services using a set of integrated modules for Advertisements / Campaign management, Subscriptions and Pricing. This component if needed, also integrates with your existing Subscriber management system, CRM or Billing system, to cover both pay-per-view and subscription transactions.

Analytics & Reporting

The Analytics & Reporting component provides tools for quick and detailed insight that helps better understand user behaviors, reactions and attitudes to your platform services.

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