Maintain your competitive edge in the rapidly changing industry

Broadcasters and New media represent one of the greatest beneficiaries of Video over IP platforms. You already have the content; now you can monetize it in new ways and reach more global audiences at a lesser cost by using our Spectar+ Multi-Screen Service Delivery platform.

A wide range of solutions

We can offer you a wide range of solutions based on our longtime expert knowledge and experience in project development for broadcasting, media & entertainment industry:

  • Web TV, Mobile TV and Connected TV platforms
  • Dedicated Content Delivery Network
  • Catch-Up TV
  • Video transcoding for multiple platforms and devices
  • Subscription On Demand
  • Monetization
  • Real Time Analytics
  • TV contribution over Internet

All on a single Service Delivery platform

We can design and build an end to end Video over IP platform to reflect your brand style, for viewing on any device : PC, Laptop, Internet connected TV, Apple or Android device. The Spectar+ platform makes analyzing your videos simple, accessible and always up to date. The Analytics module integrated with Real-time Google Analytics platform lets you make informed about viewer habits and retention by giving you immediate access to charts, tables and reports that segment your demographic by location and video asset. Our platform services are distributed and replicated across multiple data centers to guarantee service uptime. Additionally, platform software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. More Screens data centers uses the latest virtualization technologies combined with SAN architecture to ensure the highest possible utilization of our infrastructure. All servers and networking devices are in a redundant configuration allowing for total failure of any component with minimal effect on uptime.

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